Championing Sustainability

Embrace infinity for sustainable transportation. Let’s create a world with endless green commuting possibilities!

We are a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about electric vehicles (EVs), safety and promoting sustainable transportation.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive training programs and resources to individuals and businesses interested in learning more about EVs & Safety. 

At our centre, we offer a variety of training courses, from introductory courses on the basics of EVs to more advanced courses on EV maintenance and repair. 

Various International Certification Programs

Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) UK & Training Qualifications of UK (TQUK)

Competitive Pricing

Offer among the cheapest fee for all our courses

All In One Training Center

Providing TVET & safety Training that can benefit to all industries & custom training course to meet your business need

Professional Trainers

Qualified trainers to provide comprehensive & successful training

Strong Partnership

Acknowledged & Supported by our established partner like KKKB, DOSH & NIOSH

Latest Tools & Technologies

Equipped with latest tools & Learning Material align with technology shifts

Our Courses

EV International Certification

EV International Certification by Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). Elevate your expertise with our cutting-edge training, setting the global standard for Electric Vehicle knowledge

Heavy Vehicle Driving & Road Safety Awareness

Comprehensive road driving and safety awareness courses specifically for heavy Vehicle (Bus & Truck)

Safety Training

We offer various Occupational safety & heath to cater your business needs & promoting a safer work place

Customized Training

Tailor-made solutions to meet your unique needs, empowering your team for success

Driving & Road Safety Awareness

Comprehensive road driving and safety awareness courses (for Van, Car & Motorcycle)

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